Season Two — Episode II: Terrifyingly Normal

Research indicates that morality might be a lot more than just a set of invented or learned rules. Knowing what is right seems to have deep evolutionary roots and may actually be an innate part of human nature. But if that’s true, if we are all born with a moral sense what happens then to those of us who go against that? Join us for this episode as we try to look beyond evil.


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Thanks to everyone who has made this amazing journey possible — family and friends, people who write amazing software like Audacity and BTV Solo, folks who provide great B2B services like libsyn, smart and kind people who share their knowledge and experience online for others to learn, platforms for artists that allow us to share and benefit from each others talents like soundsnap. And last but not least my one-of-a-kind funny, beautiful, smart and patient husband, thanks for pushing me, pulling me back, and sometimes just holding me…I love you!